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Fool for God!

To a rich young man who sought to possess the fullness-of-the-spirit, Christ advised him, "If you want to be perfect, go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow Me." - Matt 19:21
(Christ spoke in the Aramaic language. The Lord told me that a more accurate translation to English than 'perfect' is ‘Godlike’)

In the 12th century in Assisi Italy the Almighty began leading people to His chosen vessel > the holy man, Francis of Assisi. Francis then began the Order of the Friar Minor (which is known today as the Franciscan Order).                                     
At its inception, the Lord instructed St. Francis to make the above directive of Christ a requirement for joining his Order. More said about that later. . .

*While I was serving as a full time street missionary in Amsterdam Holland, the Lord, thru a holy-vision, likewise led me to imbibe Matt 19:21. The L-d has permitted me to share some of the wondrous things  I learned thru walking in the footsteps of the first Franciscan-Christian Holy-Men.

(Only because this essay is linked to Messianic Age action plans of God, only due to that most sacred reason, does the Lord permit me to go as far as I have done)         There are mysteries of God which become revealed to those who walk harder roads than the norm. Holy-men have cautioned  that one ought not reveal such things, because they are precious to God. The Lord requires one to first pay an initiation price to learn of these deeper things of God. I paid it by imbibing Matt 19:21, while serving God as a full time street missionary in the crowded streets of Amsterdam Holland's red-light district, and living in that venue for two full years)

Additionally, while living & serving in that venue the Almighty taught me the following holy-tidbit of divine wisdom: The topmost of virtues the Lord prizes in a disciple is that of being a Spiritual-Warrior (exemplified by; the Apostle Paul, Rabbi Meir Kahane, Joan Andrews, etc.).   Becoming a Fool-for-God occupies the honor of  being the next prized virtue! Imbibing Matt 19:21, while serving God as a full time street missionary, will develop this prized virtue in any obedient disciple! (obviously, the best course of action is to develop both priceless qualities! Doing full time street ministry in a crowded city environment is an ideal place to develop these blessed virtues!)

*The sole reason that I departed from that sacred lifestyle, that heavily-anointed lifestyle, is because the Lord began revealing to me end-time spiritual revival plans related to the sacred Walk / deeds of St. Francis and the early friars! The Lord called me to bring these action plans to the Church, in order to manifest them, as time is becoming short! (a favorite Christian heard in countless numbers of churches grandstands the lyrics, “God wants to do a new thing!”    I've discovered that when the time is ripe for G-d to unveil a new thing almost no-one is interested in learning of such things! Unless, someone famous happens to be promoting it)

Crucial to realize; If one lives this spiritual ideal while serving in any of the following conventional venues its high octane spiritual growth will not be realized; 1- serving in a seminary
2- serving as a teacher in college
3- serving in a soup kitchen
 The key ingredient that must be married to Matt 19-21, for it to be fully potentized, is for one to serve full-time outside one’s comfort zone! (serving as a full-time  street missionary is its perfect complement!).  Note: for those who desire to fully experience the depth of this Walk, I advise you to invest a minimum of one year imbibing this Walk.

Again, 800 years ago at the time St. Francis first began the Order, the Lord instructed him to require new recruits to imbibe Matt 19:21 the requirement for joining.  As a direct result of all of his disciples imbibing that divine directive, and then reaping the grace that comes to those who make that total material sacrifice, then serving Christ in material poverty, most doing so in the streets, God gave a surprising number of his first disciples sanctity comparable to the original Apostles! (In the 12th Century it was as though the glory of the apostolic age returned anew!  St, Francis was imprinted by God with the Sacred Stigmata (the five sacred wounds of Christ!).  One of his companions was taken up into the 3rd heaven like St. Paul, that was Brother Giles. Another, Brother Philip, was touched on the lips by an angel with a divine burning coal, like Isaiah the Prophet. Another, Brother Sylvester, a very pure virginal soul spoke with God as one friend with another, as did Moses. Another, by the keenness of his mind, soared up to the light of Divine Wisdom, like John the Evangelist, this was Brother Bernard. Another, St. Anthony of Padua,  the tongue of this outstanding theologian / preacher has miraculously not decayed! (can be viewed in the basilica of St Anthony) 

(For married folk to protect & to provide for their family is their topmost responsibility. Obviously, these people  can't follow this directive, literally. 
Francis of Assisi and all of his first companions were single men, so they 
could safely make that sacrifice without jeopardizing others' welfare)

(Note: For the majority of the working poor, their lack of money is mostly a big negative, as for it creates so much distress concerning paying for all the bills (‘cares of the world’). Additionally, poverty hampers generosity & charitable giving.

But, for the love of God, if our poverty-strickened single man were to give away all of his assets to the poor, then become homeless, there are no longer any bills to worry about! 
Thus, our poverty-strickened friend has instantaneously become richer by imbibing Matt 19:21,  than are so many of the working poor. Because, thru his homelessness, then total renunciation of material things, he has obtained piece of mind! 

Moreover, if our poor homeless friend was to move into a crowded city, filling his days with street evangelist, his new life can easily become so interesting that his material poverty becomes a small matter!  His new life in serving as a street missionary becomes an adventurous walk of faith! 
(Almighty-God has been called >  ‘The Great Adventurer’)
His living & serving God in voluntary, extreme poverty becomes a sacred Walk!  
St. Francis coined it > Holy-Poverty!

Thru imbibing the early Franciscan-Christian spiritual ideal, I experienced it revolutionizes one’s spiritual life! Vastly improving:
2-Prayer Life
3-Greatfulness to God.  

Though, in this essay the singular virtue I have chosen to expand upon is the mysterious virtue of becoming a Fool-for-God! (FFG).

To those who become accomplished in this Walk, they become privy to God's humorous  side!  An accomplished FFG becomes a clown in God’s Royal Court! Yes, even someone such as myself, someone who previously possessed only an average amount of comic-like qualities.  More ahead. . .

To develop this one sacred virtue (FFG), just by itself, makes this Walk well worth the sacrifices that imbibing it will require! Thru my own personal experience I've discovered that this virtue can be developed within any disciple who diligently obeys the duties incumbent upon one who wants to please God, serving in this unique, early Franciscan-Christian lifestyle. 
Christ's  walk was  being a street missionary! (The Almighty clearly revealed to me that He values the efforts of a street minister far more than He values the efforts of the Preacher in the Church. Preachers’ in Church are highly esteemed by their congregation. On the other hand, street ministers’ are reviled by the overwhelming majority of the audience.  The street missionary is imbibing a Walk that constitutes  a lifestyle of  ‘loving his enemy!’ And, this is merely part of the sacredness inherent in living the early, Franciscan-Christian ideal!)

Anyways, during the final month I received financial support for my street missionary work in Amsterdam Holland, soon after  I returned from the western union office, the Lord blessed me with the following vision:
*'Brother Bernard gleefully giving all of his money to the poor (Bernard was the first man to join St. Francis, as he followed Christ) 
This vision occurred while I was standing before the nasty group of riffraff  who lived & hung out at Schipol International Airport.  I had spent lots of time witnessing to  these folks. Chuckling to myself, I surmised it will be far easier to give these sorts material things, than it is to witness to them! 

Herein is the format I utilized to dispose of that last monthly stipend:  A person I was not previously acquainted with came out of that group, walked over to me, and offered to assist me . Placing himself at my right hand, he advised me who I ought to minister to next, and how much money I ought to pay each person!            For hearing a 15 minute personalized sermon I  paid between 25 to 100 guilders.   The scene became so friggin hilarious that it was well worth all the money that I gave away  just to experience it! Anyways, it took two days to dispose of .all my money.

Soon afterwards, the Alymighty blessed me with the following mountain-top experience: He raptured me up to paradise / heaven in my mortal body (for about 1/2 minute). While in that glorious abode I was shown the truth of this statement  uttered by our blessed Messiah, "Blessed are the Poor in Spirit (PS) for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven."  I was shown that by one fully developing this one virtue, Poor-in-Spirit (PS), one can attain heaven (I mean attain heaven prior to bodily death!).  The churches' definition of PS is totally inaccurate! God, Himself, showed me that to become PS means to develop greatfulness to God for everything good in one's life; large, medium, & especially small & insignificant! Everything!! Especially developing gratefulness to God for all the common, seemingly insignificant, mundane things that everyone encounters in one’s day to day existence, things that most everyone takes for granted. If we become grateful to God for these commonplace things, our cup of greatfulness to God is always overflowing! One living in a state of extreme deprivation becomes the finast soil to grow this new spiritual plant! 

Thus, imbibing the Biblical directive of Christ, "If you wish to be perfect, go sell all you have give to the poor, then come follow Me" & developing the virtue of being PS compliment one another! Can’t you see that??? 

For the love of God making oneself homeless (thereby omitting the worry of bill paying) & penniless (voluntarily living in extreme material poverty while serving God in the streets), over and an extended period of time, becomes the crucial factor that is necessary for most of us to fully grow the virtue of being PS (developing a greatly elevated gratefulness to God for everything good in our life; large, medium, and especially the small & the insignificant!)
      In the past, God had to perform big-flashy miracles in my face to flag my attention. Due to me imbibing this lifestyle, and serving  Him in the streets,  I've learned to become greatful to God for the countless mundane things that life is filled with!

While I was imbibing this Walk, at times the Lord took me under His personal wing & discipled me Himself! He taught me the following priceless truth, requiring me to imbibe it as I lived my new lifestyle > “In the past when I was greatful I merely praised God silently within. Henceforth, the Lord insisted that I enthusiastically demonstrate my greatfulness. The more enthusiastically I demonstrated it, the more He would relish it!  
(also: the lower one makes oneself while praising God, the higher this permits one to exalt Him! Thus, to become victorious in this particular Walk, one must accept the fact that you will be laying on your face upon the ground, kissing lots of dirty floors & dirty sidewalks! (in front of lots of strangers!). Kissing the ground & enthusiastically praising God! (doing so not to impress thy neighbor. Rather,  doing this to improve ones greatfulness to God!  

Then, continually praising Him till one feels his praises are felt & accepted. 
 Next, often spirit-filled sermons would spontaneously burst  forth (that is why when embarking upon this path it helps to first be an experienced, spirit-filled street preacher. Being a spirit-filled preacher compliments this walk!)  
          Thru walking this path its becomes a process through which you develop the quality of divine-intoxication; just like the original apostles exhibited on the day of Pentecost!
 *I might add: a grateful man greatly pleases God! (by that same token, an ungrateful man displeases Him)

Additionally, through manifesting a particular miracle, the Lord taught me a crucial piece of the ‘living by faith’ puzzle: As I was walking alongside a canal I heard a loud slapping noise. I noticed that slices of bread were being dropped into the canal from a great height & ducks were eating them. I looked high above the ducks and saw that there was neither trees nor building above. Evidently, those slices of bread were coming from the Heavens! Through this novel miracle the Lord taught me the following > when one is depending upon Divine Providence, as I was then doing, everything good that comes to one, ought to be looked upon as 'Manna from Heaven!' (additionally, Francis taught if, for the love of God one begs, and our needs are met thru that avenue, that way also ought to be looked upon as 'manna  from heaven!') 

I soon discovered  to obediently /victoriously live this new lifestyle was quite time-consuming! I found it necessary to drastically slow down the pace of my life; affording me unrushed time to demonstrate my gratefulness to God for each and every mundane blessing {I took as much time as was necessary to get on one knee or better throwing myself upon my stomach, kissing the dirty supermarket floor or sidewalk (yes in front of everyone!). Then, keep praising God (aloud) till I felt my praises reaches Him. 
The more we demonstrate our gratefulness, the more God relishes our gratefulness, the more He appreciates it!
(The famous Christian adage, ‘Jesus knows my heart’ is actually repugnant to God.   Rather, our Heavenly Father expects believers to demonstrate their greatfulness to Him through physical expression; the more extreme our physical expression, the more He relishes it!  The Lord honors a greatful man. . . big time! One can never be too grateful to God! 

Now I didn’t have to set aside time for evangelize, evangelism followed me everywhere that I went!

To rehash: to become successful in walking this path, herein are the requirements for a serious Fool-for-God (FFG) student:
1- Living in extreme deprivation 
2- Living in a crowded-city environment, where the streets are brimming with people. Not needing to drive (the larger cities of Western Europe, NYC, Boston, etc). This way one can engage in what I have coined > seamless-evangelism           > lifestyle; centered around action, utilizing a minimum of thinking!
3- The serious FFG student must live an extremely simple, thought-free lifestyle (for that reason Francis wanted his friars to provide for themselves only thru begging or thru performing manual labor)
4- (I'm assuming our FFG student has already read the Bible). Required reading is the spiritual classic, “The Little Flowers of St. Francis” by Raphael Brown
5- Being experienced in 'spirit-filled preaching',  perfectly compliments this sacred walk

Please ponder the following analogy: Immediately after breaking a fast from eating, food tastes especially precious, doesn’t it? Or, for those who have spent time in jail, it feels so precious the moment one gets released, getting back one’s freedom. Experiencing extreme deprivation for an extended duration of time is the key to becoming grateful to God for the many, many commonplace things in our daily lives that almost everyone takes for granted. For that reason, living in extreme deprivation, and making unrushed time to demonstrate our gratefulness to Him become the key ingredients to developing the virtue of being PS! 

This frequent humiliation then evangelistic actions have a powerful purifying effect for the soul - far more powerful than merely living a humble lifestyle.          Plus, if you do this walk in a crowded-city environment, as you humiliate yourself then praise God, all the people surrounding you are being preached to! They are being preached to in a way that is most endearing to God. You become a ‘foolish-thing-of-God!’ (Crucial: One's motivation to partake in the above must be solely one's exuberant love for the Lord, not motivated to be honored by men)

Performing these antics makes you frequently laugh at yourself! I'm not speaking of normal laughter, but heavy laughing; gut-busting laughing! This heavy laughing at oneself breaks the hardness in our hearts that we have developed through years of sinful living. Moreover,  this process begins relatively quickly. This is something that one can clearly experience. Then, one begins re-experiencing the innocence & purity of heart that we possessed long ago, when we were small children! This is yet another key! 

For me, it became a constant source of embarrassment to, throughout the day, having to throw myself on the ground, kissing the ground, (then praising God loudly). Nevertheless, that became the paramount duty of my new way of life! And, what an ego crusher it was! (Often, throwing oneself on the ground was the hard part for me, not the publicly praising God part). I was constantly smashing my own ego (a form of continual, ego-martyrdom). A famous adage that attests to this walk: "One must die a thousand deaths before one can truly live!"
In order to walk this path well, one must endure countless, mini-deaths. These innumerable mini-deaths become a powerful antidote for the ego-centric mind. This walk of humiliation becomes a fast-track to destroy the kingdom of darkness within. Performing public-humiliations is an expedient way to make the soul pure, and to accomplish this much faster then one who merely lives a humble life of service, as humiliation is much lower than is humility! (Isn't the cross of Christ both suffering and humiliation?)

(I've discovered that the ego and the sin nature are indelibly connected. When we smash the ego, invariably the sin-nature within dissolves! Thus, one grows spiritually very fast on this path!) Throughout much of the day I found myself laughing at antics. Again, wherever I traveled, this foolishness of mine created a plethora of witnessing opportunities! Again, witnessing followed me wherever I travelled. I didn't have to put aside a separate time to witness!

For one who lives a life of humble service for many years, this lifestyle gradually makes the soul humble & pure. The good results that  generally takes many years of performing humble selfless service to accomplish for one's soul, through enduring public-humiliations this same spiritual platform can be attained in but a handful of months! This is what I have personally experienced thru walking both of these roads.

In other words. . .
*Enduring lots of public- humiliations is a fast-track to attaining the blessed virtue of humility & innocence! (This is yet another key learned thru walking in the footsteps of the early Franciscan-Christian holy-men!)

Why is this a fast-track? Because humiliation is far lower than humility! For example, if one athlete works out with heavier weights that athlete will become stronger faster than another who uses lighter weights to work out. For this same reason practicing public-humiliations is a far more powerful sanctification tool than is merely living a life of humble service. Aren't I making sense?

Compared to conventional spiritual practices, performing Public-humiliations makes the soul pure at "WARP-SPEED!" (recall, the Star Trek tv show?)

For me to be the FFG, then laugh real hard at myself, I discovered this to be far more therapeutic than watching any funny movie. Because, the fool for God becomes the lead actor in his own funny movie! This laughing at myself broke the hardness in my heart, and did so in short order. It brought me to a state closer to that of innocence. Many who observed my antics would mistakenly think that I was drunk, but I was not drunk from hard drink as they assumed. Rather, drunk from the Holy Spirit; just as the disciples were on the day of Pentecost!

For the love of God by living in extreme poverty on the streets of Amsterdam Holland for two full years I personally lived (not studied) this PS lifestyle. This is my firm conviction: None of the people who merely study it can come anywhere near understanding its depths!

By fully absorbing myself in this lifestyle I eventually attained a wonderful fairy-tale like existence; Paradise. I became extremely happy & literally felt like a male version of Cinderella! If not for my nagging sexual desires I'm convinced that I would have attained paradise while living during that timeperiod! (Every time that I lusted a lady, my lust immediately pulled me out of that exalted spiritual state I was entering in).

As my new spiritual plant grew into maturity I became a new creation!
God's Clown > A Fool-for-God!

Now, I'll try to give you a taste of Fool-for-God evangelism:
(Note: Almost all of my sermons were spontaneous outbursts so I can't recall most of my sermons. What I am now imparting to you, are a few sermons that stand out in my mind)

Here is one good example of a Fool-for-God witness:
When this deprived man (myself) finally got a need met, such as me finding half a piece of pizza in the trash, this would bring me unspeakable joy! Following the Lord's Poor-in-Spirit formula I would get on one knee, or throw myself on the ground, kissing it, then keep praising God till I felt my praises reached heaven  Then, without stopping the praises I would stand up and a sermon would spontaneously spring forth! 
“Its not how many things that we possess that makes us blessed. But, its how grateful we are to God for what we possess!” 

The people who were eating their nice meals at the sidewalk cafes couldn't help but be moved by this spectacle – a vagabond (eating out of the trash) who is not depressed by his affliction. Rather, he is bubbling-over in gratefulness to God for the discarded scraps of food he has found in the trash! In fact, he is far, far more grateful to God than they are with their nice meals, or for that matter far more grateful than anyone that they have ever met! This spiritual vagabond is possibly the most grateful man to God then they have ever known.  Yet, he is the poorest!?!?  (Bible states, "The foolish things of God confound the wise") 

I swear to you this is fact: This is the type of witness that the Lord loves far more than He does the conventional!

I'm going to be giving you a few more concrete examples:

Here is another example of Fool-for-God evangelism: One day I went for lunch to a Christian soup kitchen. When the opulent meal (by my standards) was presented to me immediately I went into an ecstasy. I threw myself on the ground, kissing the floor, praising God loudly! Next, while continually praising God I stood up and spontaneously preached a sermon. The sermon went something like this: 
“All this food we eat here is donated in the name of charity, and all charity is given for the love of God. (Reminding them that this particular soup kitchen was funded by Churches.)
              Next, through my exhortations I was reminding the patrons that since this food was charity, we ought to be extra grateful to God for it! (Unfortunately many people who regularly eat in such places sinfully begin to look upon charity as an entitlement!)
     Due to my foolish antics most of the patrons in the place were giggling. But, a sizable minority were becoming agitated / snarling at me! (the ones possessed by devils: devils can't stand the presence of a Fool-for-God, as it torments them!). 
Next, one demonically possessed man whom I knew from the streets, came over to me, grabbed my plate of food out of my hands,  angrily throwing  its contents into the garbage. 
        Next, the Christian volunteers who manned the place freaked out, then threw me out! They complained that I was making a disturbance?! (Rather, they were afraid of the violence I was surfacing)  

sincerely, preacher daniel
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 The form of Christianity the early Franciscans practiced was very different from the form most Christians follow today. Christ Himself told Francis, 'He preferred Action above Teaching'. The early Franciscans followed a non-intellectual, action-oriented form of Christianity. The type of Christianity that has less emphasis on study, much more on doing good deeds.

For the love of God they lived in voluntary poverty (holy-poverty), and instead of laboring with the intellect (as most Christians do today), these holy simple men labored to develop within themselves every Godly virtue (humility, compassion, courage, patience, etc.). They understood that that God's primary desire for His people were to become people with the character of Jesus. 

Additionally, they believed in the importance of being fruitful in good works rather than spending too much time with their nose in the books. When we spend too much time in theological pursuits we have only a sparse amount of time remaining for deep prayer, evangelism, and performing good works. Thus, if we want to be good stewards its crucial that we wisely utilize the limited amount of time we all are alloted

The early Franciscans were responsible for the topmost spiritual revival of the Middle Ages! Certainly, one of the topmost of all spiritual revivals!

(In order to learn more about them I suggest you read the spiritual classic:
"The Little Flowers of St. Francis” by Raphael Brown).
(Note; I advice one read the introduction only after the body of the book is read)

PSS> On another note, recall in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus also proclaimed, "Blessed are those who suffer for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven?"

On account of the depth of my experience with being PS I now understand exactly what Paul meant when he proclaimed (when facing death),"Oh death, where is thy sting!"  

Since Paul was a man who plunged the depths of suffering for the faith (which admittedly, I haven't done) he had already attained heaven (heaven while in the body). Thus, how could death now harm him? 

Thus, what Jesus is speaking about in these two verses from Beatitudes are two different fast-tracks or special portholes to attain paradise while living:
1- Poor-in-spirit (PS)
2- Suffering for Righteousness sake
PS follows the path of extreme humility, while Suffering for Righteousness follows the path of courage. One is the high road to paradise, the other being the low road to paradise!